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Symone Hengy, born in Dresden in 1965, grew up in a small village not far from Meißen. Today she lives on the edge of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg.
Although she dreamed of a future as a poet, pop singer or porcelain painter at a young age, she learned a technical profession and then completed an engineering degree.
After the birth of hers first child she worked in a managerial position in the district administration of Meissen. When she gave birth to her second child in June 1989, she had no idea that the GDR was on the verge of collapse.
First she lost her job, then her marriage broke up.
Single parent and repeatedly unemployed, seized She retrained every professional opportunity she had, first as a tax clerk, then as a web designer and finally as an insurance specialist.

She also worked as an event planner for an art association, as a librarian and as a local guide.
And she tried her hand at her first novels and wrote, among other things, a reversal novel in which she processed her own experiences.

When her children grew up, her mother became a difficult need for care and she dropped out of work to care for them around the clock.

During this time, she came across a gripping documentary about the Austrian serial killer Jack Unterweger in the hands of the end of the eighties and beginning of the nineties several times prostitutes and could only be found by the profilers of the FBI.
The birth of profiling in Austria.
Research for Germany revealed great differences in East and West. While the former GDR worked with comparable methods, the FRG stuck to "traditional" working methods until the early 1990s.

Dealing with this topic inspired the author to write a crime novel about profiling in Germany.

The result is a trilogy about the Dresden profiler Gloria Siegel, published by Hybrid Verlag.

The books in the order:

1. »Ecstasy: Deadly Intoxication«,
2. »Explosion: Hot dumped«,
3. »Extreme: Murder is thicker than blood«.

The love for suspense novel was awakened.

A fourth crime novel »Kantschu - Like you me, So I you«, also published by Hybrid Verlag, deals with the supposed brutality in our society.

The place of action is Dresden and thus a city whose history is an excellent substitute for the pattern of recurring sequences of inhumanity. This is not the first time that people are mobilizing against minorities and supporting a party that promises them nothing less than a final solution.

Alexander Buschbeck plays a special role in all of these novels and won the hearts of readers.
With"Operation Gay Bomb", published in December 2020 by Hybrid Verlag, his own series is starting in which he as a private investigator has to deal with particularly tricky cases.
What it is about:
Incapable of fighting through sex frenzy - a brilliant idea in the eyes of military strategists. As a project of the US armed forces, this chemical weapon of war, the "gay bomb", is said to have actually existed. With the help of a male-killing bomb, a group of ex-Eastern Bloc agents wants to restore the former power structure.

Symone Hengy is an honorable member of the renowned crime writers 'association Das SYNDIKAT e.V. and the authors' association "Mörderische Schwestern e.V."

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